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  1. Leadership

  2. Taking responsibility and ownership

  3. Driven to give back to others

  4. Willing to sacrifice for others



  1. Ideally brilliant in all subjects

  2. If not all, then excelling in subjects that would be required for the course of study in future

  3. Ideally shows an innovative mind rather than being a book worm (in terms of science projects, external competitions and other achievements)

  4. Tendency to do more than the minimum required (e.g. taking additional courses, choosing the harder options etc.)



Individuals with passion for certain subjects could take more significant steps by obtaining post-secondary education. Bright Future recognizes that some of the brilliant students are not able to attend university due to their financial conditions. In order to facilitate the situation, the organization offers full or partial scholarships to individuals who are interested and talented in the fields related to management, law, media, education, and public policy.

Although preference is given to students at graduate level studies, the undergraduate students are also strongly encouraged to apply. A valid admission offer from one of the top universities in Indonesia (for a list of approved universities click here) , exceptional success in past studies, evidence of passion for the program, and financial need are among the criteria required for the applicants to this program.


There are a number of institutes (for a list of approved institutes click here) in Indonesia that offer training courses in fields such as video production, programming, web development, design, advertising, etc. These short term courses could take anywhere between a few days to a few months.

In order to improve the technical abilities of the potential activists in the mentioned fields, Bright Future offers scholarship to people who are interested in pursuing formal training in these areas. The scholarship candidates are required to show some evidence of interest and past experience in their chosen fields. They are also required to be involved in activities for strengthening the community after receiving their training.


Taking online courses has been identified as one of the most efficient methods for expanding individuals’ skill set and improving the community. There are a number of websites that are famous for offering high quality online courses. Students could use these platforms to enrol for classes in web development, management, digital marketing, video production, and design. These websites also offer means to evaluate the skills that the student learns throughout the training. 

To create an incentive for taking these courses, Bright Future offers generous scholarships which cover all the tuition costs for these programs. The organization also provides equipment to students who are interested in taking these courses but do not have access to a computer.

Although the organization encourages students to apply to any online course they are interested in, preference is given to classes related to the needs of the community and offered by well known online educators (for a list of suggested websites click here). The candidates are also required to obtain a certificate of successful completion of their training.


Every year Bright Future offers scholarship to a very limited number of Indonesians who are interested in attending top universities in Canada. For this scholarship, the organization only considers PhD applicants who are interested in fields of law, management, education, and public policy. After finishing the PhD program, the student is required to return to Indonesia and get involved in activities related to building the community.

Given the competitive nature of this award, there are some strict requirements regarding the past history of the student. This history may include transcripts, researches, and work experience. Additionally, the organization focuses on students who are financially incapable of attending foreign universities on their own.


The students need to follow the steps below in order to be considered for the scholarships.


Short term and online courses:

  1. Choose the course you are interested in

  2. Fill in the scholarship application form on this website

  3. Wait for Bright Future to make a decision on your application

  4. The organization will offer an agreement to successful applicants 

  5. Once the contract is signed, you will receive some funds to register to the program

  6. After successful completion of the course, the student will receive the rest of the scholarship


University programs:

  1. Choose the program you are interested in

  2. Fill in the scholarship application form on this website

  3. You will be invited to an initial interview

  4. Wait for Bright Future to make a decision on your application

  5. Apply to the university

  6. An agreement will be signed between you and Bright Future

  7. You will receive funds towards the education cost annually

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